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Automatic Pre Stretch Film Rewinding Machine APSR600
Automatic Pre Stretch Film Rewinding Machine » APSR600

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Automatic Pre Stretch Film Rewinding Machine

Automatic pre stretch film rewinding machine is a newly designed model for rapid automatic rewinding the parent roll into hand roll with pre stretched ratio from 100% to 300%.

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Automatic Pre Stretch Film Rewinding Machine Details


Automatic Pre Stretch Film Rewinding Machine is newly technology rewinder developed from Italy,this model earlier was built in Taiwan,now we redesign and build in much better of logic and structure for using experience.The Machine designed for meeting CE standard for safety controlling,and RoHs Certificate for Europe environmental friendly.

This is very high speed,fully automatic pre-stretch rewinding, rapid for automatic shaft exchange,PLC Program,Touch color screen,inverter controlled motor for user friendly.

It is  multifunction for two of work mode:Automatic pre-stretching,or Standard stretch film rewinding.By speed ratio pre-stretching of roller guiding,it can rewind the jumbo roll can be to hand rolls by different width.
After pre stretch,the length of the film can be stretched to in the range of 100%-300% of the length than the original roll.The detailed ratio can be decided by buyer requirement.

According to difference of the speed ratio, it results different pre-stretching requirement,this is a way to make the stretch film more economical for in total length usage.
After the rewinding,it can improve the roll as much smoother,improve the apprearance of quality of hand roll.
To avoid the rewind roll damage when fall down to ground,we have designed an special edge folding mould system to fold the both end of the edge for the pre stretched roll.

It is ideal model for automatic pre stretch film rewinding to labor saving,meanwhile it is 2 in 1 multi-functional machine to be a standard automatic stretch film/cling film rewinding machine. it is widely used in rewinding pallet stretch wrapping film,industrial stretch wrapping film,machine stretch fill,hand stretch film,food stretch wrapping film,and PVC cling film rewinding.
As a user friendly cost effective model for multi-fucntional,a.New stretch/cling film converting factory user can buy one machine to start the business for stretch film/cling film rewinding and pre stretch film rewinding.
This machine is Less skilled operator requests,One operator can run maximum 2-3 units of machines at the same time.


Technical Date:


1.Unwind roll width:                    Max600mm
2.Unwindpaper core diameter:            3inch
3.Unwind roll outer diameter:                       max 600mm
4.Rewind sub roll width:                          300-600mm
5.Rewind paper core inner diameter:           1.5,2,3inch
6.Rewind sub roll outer diameter:                  300mm(max)
7.Rewind Pre stretch roll width:             200-600mm
8.Machine speed:                          0-650m/minue
9.Standard stretch rewind speed:               0-900m/min
10.Voltage:                                  220/380/415v 3ph
11.Power:                                    4kw
12.Material thickness                       7-30micro
13.Overall dimension:                       1450x1000x1050mm
14.Machine Weight:                         1.2 Ton
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