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Aluminium foil rewinder machine PPD-AAR600
Aluminium foil rewinder machine » PPD-AAR600

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Aluminium foil rewinder machine

This is an automatic aluminium foil rewinder machine,machine frame adopts cast iron to ensure the perfect stability,good rigidity, good vibration absorbency etc.
It is the latest German technology,designed for heavy duty for daily production of aluminium household foil,catering foil,kitchen foil roll etc.

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Aluminium foil rewinder machine Details

Machine is completed with PLC man-machine interface talk programer device to be user friendly,LCD touch screen for simple operation by click the screen only.

It is fully auto operation from,gluing,starting,stop,cut off,change the next core,unload the finished roll,delivery to packing convery station.

Main specification:

Material:Aluminium foil roll



Unwind roll ID:3/6inch,76&152mm

Rewind speed:150meter/minute

Rewind roll ID:30/35/38/40mm option

Total power:4kw

Pneumatic supply:0.3Mpa





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