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Pre stretch film rewinding machine PSFR500
Pre stretch film rewinding machine » PSFR500

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Pre stretch film rewinding machine

Pre stretch film rewinding machine is a model to rewind the jumbo roll of stretch film into small roll by certain required pre stretching ratio.

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Pre stretch film rewinding machine Details

Brief Introduction:

Pre stretch film rewinding machine ideally suits for rewind the jumbo roll of stretch film into hand rolls by pre stretching roller guiding.According to the difference of the speed ratio,it can result difference pre-stretch requirement.

It can make the stretch film more economical for total length up to 300% than the original roll.with pre stretched film,the apprearance looks more neat and results the pre stretched roll with hard rewidning or fluffy rewidning as buyer' requirement.

It can pre stretch the film to 100% to 300% for the total length from the unwind mother roll.

Mean time,it can work as a pre stretch film slitter to slit the mother roll into a few pre stretch hand rolls by our special designed knife system.
Further more,it can work as semi automatic stretch film slitter or semi automatic stretch film rewinder when work not under the pre stretched roller guiding system.
As an option,it can add on the extra fnction to be a semi automatic coreless stretch film slitter or rewinder if buyer request to add the pneumatic cylinder.It is now very popular in world market to save the paper core cost and environmental friendly.
It is 6 in 1 multi-fucntional  model is semi automatic for operation,user friendly,cost effective.less skilled operator requests,less daily maintainence requested.

Technical Data:

Maximum mother roll width:  600mm
Mother roll paper core:3’’
Finished rewind roll paper core:1.5’’-2’’-3’’
Finished pre stretched roll max width:500mm
Finished rewind roll max outer diameter:300mm
Voltage:220/380v/415v,3 phase 
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