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Coreless Cling Film Rewinding Machine CCFR450
Coreless Cling Film Rewinding Machine » CCFR450

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Coreless Cling Film Rewinding Machine

Coreless cling film rewinder machine is designed for rewind the coreless cling film hand roll for cost saving for a hand roll.

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Coreless Cling Film Rewinding Machine Details

Main Profile:

Coreless cling film rewinding machine is ideally designed to rewind coreless cling film roll form a LLDPE stretch food wrap mother roll.

The unique designed pneumatic shaft release air after the film roll rewinding,the finished roll is coreless with very nice quality,inside of the roll is very neat.
The reason to use coreless roll:
Coreless roll has the very advantage to compare with the cored roll product:
The weight of product is reduced while doing hand wrapping.
The weight and space is reduced when delivery
The warehouse storage space is reduced for smaller size
The environment friendly when not using the paper core product
The storage cost is lower when paper core is not been used
Except making coreless cling film roll,machine is able to serve the purpose to be standard stretch film/cling film slitter or  rewinder when change the small accessory from machine.
Our series of rewidning machinery  has won the Europe great market with CE certificate,RoHs Certificate,our company has been audited by SGS Group(known as the best 3rd Party Inspector/Auditor) to be AUDITED SUPPLIER from Asia.
Technical Specification:
Material:  PE PVC cling film/stretch wrap
Maximum width of mother roll:  450mm
Outer diameter of mother roll:450mm
Inner core diameter of mother roll:3inch
Rewind sub roll width:max:450mm
Rewind sub roll max outer diameter:150mm
Rewind sub coreless roll inner diameter:1.5/2/3inch
Rewind sub cored roll inner diameter:1/1.5/2/3inch
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